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The OVI Approach to Logo Design: Creativity Meets Strategy

At OVI, logo design is not just about making something that looks good. Led by our Creative Director, our talented in-house team of designers have a thoughtful and strategic approach that results in logo and brand assets that effectively communicate our brand identity.

This is a quick update to give you a sneak peek into our creative process and the skills that set us apart when it comes to our creativity, dedication and execution.

Our logo design process began with an in-depth discovery phase where we explored the brand personality, goals, and target audience. This allowed us to develop a design brief to guide the creation of logo concepts tailored specifically to the brand.

Next was the all-important brainstorming and sketching process. Our designers utilized proven creativity techniques to come up with a wide range of logo ideas and directions. We explored different layouts, symbols , icons, and more during this open and exploratory phase.

We then refined the most promising ideas into polished logo concepts with colors, and graphical elements. Our designers are highly skilled at illustration, typography, color theory, and layout to craft our brand identity.

Once concepts were complete, we collaborated internally to gather feedback and make revisions. Through ongoing communication and iterations, the logo was finalized and true to the brand.

Our team was tasked to ensure the logo works across sizes, mediums, and applications, designing supporting assets like custom fonts, icons, and guidelines where needed. We’ll be optimizing logo files for both print and digital use.

Even having some fun along the way creating a series of 23 badges for our community and developing products.

In summary, our creative design process balances strategic thinking and creativity. Our in-house designers have the talent to develop logos, brand assets, (and the forthcoming NFT collection) that capture the brand’s essence while remaining versatile and effective.

This fusion allows us to execute on our creative vision connecting our brand to our audience.

To give you an idea of how our designers applied many of these principles and insights to the OVI logo, a breakdown is presented below:

· O shaped for the word OVI

  • Egg cracking open to also represent OVI as in “egg”

  • Dot added for an ‘eye’ and egg crack looks like teeth/ mouth to make it look like a digital monster, because we ‘eat’/ consume digital media as users

  • Curved arrow represents social media chat bubble and becomes the digital beast tail

  • Blue and Pink cyberpunk colour palette choice represents the collective that makes up current and futuristic digital content

  • Looks like social media and a character mascot all in one

With the points mentioned above, our Creative Director ensured that specific logo design principle was followed in that:

  • A great logo can be drawn by a 5 year old

Just think of the biggest brands we interact with:

For a detailed breakdown on the process and how our Creative Director produced the OVI logo, make sure to follow and read from her latest tweet:

Watch out for further updates as we continue to build, execute and push boundaries.

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