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OVI Digest - WEEK 4

With so much happening in the OVI Team and Community, we want to provide digestible updates for our readers. We know your time is valuable, so we’ve summarized recent progress in a TLDR summary of the key points in this week’s OVI Digest:

Last Week:

· Published OVI Digest on Medium and on

· Hosted Twitter Spaces on OVI Distributed Network

· Community roundtable with OVI team

· Collaboration with Wallet Guard for security protections

· Launched new website

· Focused go-to-market strategy on serving gamers — Esports focused

This Week:

· Release of latest OVI Digest

· Continuing OVIsaurs Digital collectible character design and storyline

· Hosting weekly RAWR Twitter Space community chat Wednesday 9pm EST

· Twitter Space with Wallet Guard and other founders — Thursday 9am EST

· Working on OVI platform development, branding and MVP

· Making progress on technical build of ODN

· Having conversations with potential partners

For those that need the details we have you covered — we break down last week and this week’s activities below.


Last week

It’s been another productive week within the OVI Universe as we continue to make strides towards building a decentralized streaming platform and a complete ecosystem for our community, partners, and collaborators. Here are some of the key updates from the past week:

The week kicked off with the OVI Digest the single source that provides an overview of major news and developments around OVI. The readerships of the Digest continue to grow week-over-week, which is great to see with a growing global following.

On Wednesday we held our regular Twitter Space, “RAWR” focused on discussing the OVI Distributed Network (ODN) and the importance of content ownership and authentication within a decentralized framework. We dove deeper into the differences between centralized and decentralized services and what that means for content creators.

Our Thursday community roundtable also took place. This gives the OVI team a chance to provide transparent updates directly to the community. These sessions are a valuable way for anyone interested in OVI to engage directly with the team.

We continue to make eggcellent progress engaging with founders through our commitment to push forward and grow our network. This week we connected with Wallet Guard, whose security solutions help protect users and align well with OVI’s goals. We will be collaborating with Wallet Guard to enhance security protections for OVI users. The official announcement of the collaboration closed out the working week, released on Friday 4th August.

Exciting progress was made on our new website incorporating all elements of the current ecosystem, ‘RAWR ESPORTS HQ’, ‘OVI Digest’, ‘OVI’, “Esports Marketplace’ and of course, ‘OVIsaurs’. The site is now live and can be found at:

The team also discussed launching a regular newsletter to highlight collaboration partners’ progress in Web3 and updates from our founder network. Our goal is to support builders and provide exposure for the great work happening in and around Web3.

A key milestone was achieved in focusing our go-to-market strategy. Given OVI’s gaming industry connections and streaming platform, we will focus first on serving gamers and addressing pain points in that market. This hyper focus will allow us to target a niche and leverage our unique strengths and positioning. More details coming soon!

Finally, we are bringing on a full stack developer to boost our team as we push towards releasing an initial platform version in the coming months. With recent progress on the NFT marketplace, Competitive Tournament and streaming platform, the pieces are falling into place, achieving this without relying on NFT sales!

It’s an exciting time at OVI as we move closer to delivering a next-generation streaming platform built by gamers, for gamers.

This week;

We don’t stop, last week is behind and us and we’ve an exciting week ahead with a number of activities planned in various areas on the OVI ecosystem.

OVIsaurs Digital Collectible Character Design.

The development of the OVIsaurs NFT character design and traits continues. We are making great progress and will begin teasing reveals in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

OVIsaurs Storyline Progression Last week we released the second chapter in the unfolding OVIsaurs storyline journey. If you missed it, catch up here:

The narrative is really taking shape and we’ll be pushing forward with more storyline progression this week.

Weekly OVI Digest The OVI digest for this week is now available on both and Medium. This is your one-stop destination for all the latest OVI developments.

Weekly RAWR Twitter Space Our regular weekly community Twitter Space will take place on Wednesday at 9pm EST on Twitter — join us!

This is a chance to connect with the team and other community members.

Upcoming Twitter Space with Wallet Guard and Panel Discussion This Thursday we have a special Twitter Space organized with Wallet Guard. Our founder Phil will be on a panel with other web3 founders including Sui Game, Proton Gaming, Wallet Guard and more. Stay tuned for details!

Branding and Platform Development

Work continues on the branding and visual identity of the OVI platform. We’re also making strides on developing the MVP and shaping how OVISaurs Digital Collectibles will unlock membership and utility.

Build on ODN

Some of our most complex technical build is happening on ODN right now. We’ll keep pushing forward to bring this component of the ecosystem to life to an MVP level. Although challenging, we are determined to bring it too fruition as it will play a crucial role in our long term technical roadmap.

Partnerships and Outreach

As always, we are having conversations with potential partners and collaborators. We will begin announcing the collaborations and partnerships in separate news items.

It’s going to be a great week. Its only Monday and we are fired up, ready to deliver!

Team OVI


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