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OVI Esports - Week 12 Digest

The past week at OVI was nothing short of exhilarating, and as we gear up for the week ahead, we wanted to provide a comprehensive breakdown of our recent achievements and upcoming plans. Let’s delve deeper into our accomplishments and what the future holds.

But before we do, as always here is the TLDR;

Last week:

· OVI Digest released on Mondays to update community

· OVI Roundtable held Mondays to engage community

· New team member Jana joined as Community Lead to expand reach in Latin America

· OVI joined the Blockchain Game Alliance to grow within the gaming/Esports industry

· launched rapidly in 2 weeks to expand OVI ecosystem

· OVIsaurs series continues with new video on NFT design process

· OVI focused on team growth, partnerships, product launches to lead in blockchain gaming

· Continual execution of our go to market strategy

This week:

· Monday: OVI Digest and Roundtable community updates

· Wednesday: Twitter Space co-hosted with GVO

· Later: 2nd edition launch

· Friday: New OVIsaurs behind-the-scenes video

· Ongoing: Platform development and design work

· Ongoing: Follow up from Token2049, networking and partnerships

· Overall: Exciting week ahead with community engagement, new content, development work, partnerships as OVI pushes to lead in Esports services

Now into the details…

Last week:

Our Monday release of the OVI digest has become a staple for our community. It’s our way of ensuring transparency, keeping everyone informed, and sharing the latest updates in a concise manner.

Following the digest on Monday our round table also took place on Monday evening. This move from Thursday will be a regular occurrence in this new timeslot. Our Monday evening roundtable was not just another meeting. It was a vibrant gathering of minds, where ideas flowed, and new members got a taste of the OVI spirit. These sessions have proven invaluable in fostering community engagement and collaboration and we saw more people coming into our discord server.

There were a few big announcements last week, one of which saw the expansion of the OVI team. The addition of Jana, a rising star from Brazil in the web three space, is a testament to our commitment to global outreach. With her extensive network in the Latin American markets and a growing influence in the web three domain, Jana’s role as our community lead promises to bring fresh perspectives and strategies. She hit the ground running, and instantly revamped our Discord to be more gaming centric and will be looking to enhance our social media channels with her extend influence.

Our weekend announcement introducing Jana was met with enthusiasm. If you missed the official announcement, here it is:

Her joining signifies our dedication to expanding our horizons and strengthening our team with global talents.

The onboarding of Jana is perfect timing as the Latin American markets are a goldmine of opportunities. As we delve deeper into web three and gaming, our emphasis on this region is strategic. With the integration of our innovative programmable wallet systems and the crypto-friendly nature of South American countries, OVI is poised to be a trendsetter in this space.

OVI founder Phil has an exciting announcement about another new addition to the team coming next week, so stay tuned for more details!

The announcement of the collaboration between OVI and Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) Collaboration was also huge. Our partnership with BGA is not just a collaboration; it’s a doorway to global opportunities.

This is a huge milestone for our community and for OVI ecosystem as we work to position OVI as major player in Esports gaming.

The Blockchain Game Alliance is an organization with over 500 members globally consisting of game developers, gamers, industry leaders and gaming infrastructure partners. They provide a platform to accelerate blockchain adoption in gaming and Esports. We are thrilled to join this community and gain formal recognition on their website.

Our new partnership opens doors for introductory Twitter Spaces where we can introduce OVI to the BGA ecosystem. We also have opportunities to participate in panel discussions, both open forums and more private video conferences. This will give us a chance to showcase OVI and network with industry leaders.

The blockchain gaming industry is growing rapidly and the BGA has relationships with many top players in the space. As we continue maturing the OVI ecosystem and launching new products, our goal is to solidify our foothold in the Alliance. This partnership provides the exposure and connections we need as we scale up.

We are confident that our collaboration with the BGA will prove beneficial for OVI in the long run. This will lead to more growth opportunities and exposure as we establish ourselves as a leader in blockchain gaming. We are thrilled to have this validation and acceptance from such an influential organization.

Last week, we pulled off a major achievement with the incredibly fast launch of From concept to execution, going from logos and branding to a fully launched site in just two weeks is no small feat! It was a massive effort by the entire OVI team.

Since the launch, the feedback on GMGames has been phenomenal. To develop and release such a polished product on this accelerated timeline shows the talent and drive of our team. It also demonstrates how effectively we can execute and deliver new offerings to our community.

The speed at which we delivered GMGames shows our commitment to rapidly expanding the OVI ecosystem. We will continue setting aggressive goals to provide more value, engagement and entertainment for our community members. The success of GMGames gives us even more motivation to push forward.

Last Friday, we released the second edition of our behind-the-scenes OVIsaurs series, offering a captivating look inside the OVI world. This latest chapter provided another teaser video into the process of designing the NFT collection.

Through the OVIsaurs series, and these teaser videos, our community gains insider access to our ideation and development process. These raw glimpses behind the curtain showcase the stories, philosophies and dedication into our products.

Last week showed the meaningful progress we are making in bringing our go-to-market strategy to life. Now in week 11, we can look back with pride on all that has been accomplished in a relatively short timeframe. Yet we remain focused on the road ahead, energized by the vast opportunities still in front of us. Though we have achieved much, our journey has only just begun.

This Week:

We have a packed week lined up with lots of opportunities to connect, learn and continue expanding the OVI ecosystem. Here’s a look at what’s happening:

Monday — The OVI Digest goes out as usual, your weekly dose of OVI news and updates. Also Monday evening we have the OVI Roundtable, a chance to discuss hot topics and giving you access to our team members for any questions.

Wednesday — Join us for a Twitter Space chat in conjunction with GVO. This will take place at the regular time of 2100 EST, hang out with our team and community members.

Later this week — Look out for the 2nd edition release of! We’ll pick up where we left off, bring you all the latest Esports gaming news that you need to stay on top of.

Friday — A new installment of our OVIsaurs behind-the-scenes series drops, diving deeper into our journey and lore. Get a raw, unfiltered glimpse of the journey we have been on so far.

Throughout the week — Development will continue on both the platform and the graphical design elements. existing and upcoming products as we push forward.

The team will also be following up from Token2049, tying up loose ends and leveraging new connections. Networking efforts continue as we build relationships and explore partnerships. There’s so much in store as we further our mission to be a dominant service provider within Esports.

Lastly, stay tuned for another team expansion announcement as OVI continues to bring on the required expertise to deliver the ecosystem which all gamers are waiting for.

We’re energized by the momentum and appreciate our community. Thank you for your support and involvement — you make this journey meaningful. Stay tuned for all we have planned!

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