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OVI E-sports Digest Week 20

Big things are happening in the OVI ecosystem -from networking with industry leaders to nearing completion of our highly anticipated NFT collection, OVI continues to build momentum across several fronts. This week's digest gives you everything need to know. You won’t want to miss the details on our upcoming "humorous" Fortnite competition.

But first the TLDR;

  • Phil, OVI's founder, participated in several Twitter Spaces discussing future applications of AI in crypto/gaming and the rise of SocialFi and decentralized ownership. He networked with other Web3 businesses and offered OVI's perspectives.

  • The OVISaurs NFT collection is nearing completion - the figures, skins, and backgrounds are finished. The team is now adding the final accessories, traits, and details. An OVISaurs storyline update contained a cryptic message released last Friday.

  • OVI's Discord saw increased gaming activity and streaming of Fortnite. Moderator Whitehawk has been organizing gaming sessions for community involvement. More people are joining voice channels and playing together during regular game nights.

  • An upcoming humorous OVI Esports Fortnite competition will combine funny challenges, incidents, and role playing alongside usual battles. It will be entertaining for viewers and gamers. Further event details coming soon.

  • The weekly GMGames newsletter published its 8th straight week. GMGames will soon launch a new publication website to expand OVI's ecosystem. The newsletter and site establish GMGames as an authoritative gaming/esports voice. More big things are in store.

With that out of the way, let’s jump into the detail…

OVI Engages in Forward-Looking Twitter Spaces

Phil, our founder of OVI Esports, was asked to take part in many Twitter Spaces this past week to address hot subjects related to our vision of the future.

The standout was an IQ Protocol Space exploring AI applications in crypto markets, exchanges, and NFTs. As esports inches towards mainstream adoption and Olympics acceptance, extensive debate centered on how integrating AI could transform gaming and esports through tools for game development, player analytics, facilitating team statistics, and more.

As Phil commented during the talk, "AI holds incredible potential to evolve the esports industry. We're just scratching the surface of pairing advanced analytics and interconnected data sets with human creativity."

Additionally, Phil joined a Soulme Space discussing the rise of SocialFi along with concepts of decentralized content ownership and monetization - very relevant to creators. He also explored with GameFi leaders best practices for onboarding mainstream users.

In the course of these varied conversations, Phil networked with other creative Web3 businesses and offered OVI's viewpoints. The Spaces signal growing momentum at the intersection of gaming, digital ownership, and creator economies. They also enable valuable connections to advance OVI's vision. With esports and blockchain adoption accelerating, more exciting developments are unfolding.

Polishing Off the OVIsaurs: Final Accessories and Details

The final pieces of the OVISaurs digital collection are nearly complete. Our talented deign team are working toward the completion of the underlying figures and skins. The backgrounds and overall and other elements are now finished.

We are currently putting the finishing touches on the accessories and final paintwork for the OVISaurs heads and ther special traits. With the collection nearly ready, it is an exciting time.

The latest addition to the OVISaurs storyline contains a cryptic message. Released on Friday did you notice and crack it?


This week saw more streaming activity within the OVI Discord group, with Fortnite emerging as the current game of choice. In addition to hosting and organising these gaming sessions, our moderator Whitehawk has been crushing it with with other OVI members.

The streaming evenings have expanded to include rounds of different games in addition to Fortnite. More involvement and connection among OVI users in the discord server are being built by these frequent community gaming activities. Both the competition and the playful atmosphere have been enjoyed by everyone involved.

We plan to continue with this plan of holding regular game evenings in the future. More people join the voice channels, play together, and talk about their days or game techniques when there are specialised streaming events. In addition, it offers engaging interactions and information that can be saved for later use on social networking. The demand and turnout so far indicate that OVI game nights will go on continually.

Future OVI Esports Competition To Take a Joking Turn

The next OVI Esports event will shortly have information revealed by our Community Lead, Jana. Make sure to follow OVI Esports on Twitter to learn when the competition is announced.

This week, we're going to combine humour with Fortnite to create something enjoyable. Funny in-game incidents and lighter challenges will be highlighted in addition to eliminations and triumphs in this tournament.

Participants may be given ridiculous objectives, such as building foolish forts or chasing chickens. There could even be role-playing and jeers! Players will still battle and show off their Fortnite prowess, but the focus now is more on making humorous interactions and videos.

It should be entertaining for both stream spectators and gamers. Our goal is to create moments from the competition that would make a good viral clip. Watch this space for Jana to reveal further details on the event, including registration deadlines, dates, prizes, and all the crazy obstacles. There will be a tonne of comedy and fun at the next OVI Esports competition!

GMGames Continues to Build Momentum The weekly edition of our GMGames newsletter went out right on schedule again this Wednesday, marking 8 straight weeks of consistent delivery to our loyal subscribers. The newsletter continues to fill a clear need in the market by providing quality coverage of esports, gaming, industry trends, news and reviews.

In the very near future, GMGames will take another big step forward with the launch of our new publication website which will be another valuable addition to the OVI ecosystem. We remain proud of the strong foundations we have established by taking a holistic approach to serving this space. The new GMGames website is in the final stages of development and is on track for launch very soon!

Our strategy and execution continue positively as we work to become an authoritative voice in this arena. More big things are in store, so stay tuned!

We're proud of the advancements our OVI community has achieved by uniting as November draws to a close.

The momentum is increasing as there is more lively involvement across all of our channels. Increased contact between colleagues, seasoned pros and newcomers alike, fosters innovation and strengthens bonds.

Through cooperation and collaboration, we lighten the job that lies ahead. There's a tangible energy in our circle as we get closer to achieving our goal. Even though there is much to do,

We are setting our sights on December to push even further!

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