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OVI Digest — Week3

It’s been another tremendous week of progress here at OVI as we build out our decentralized multimedia ecosystem. In this weeks digest, we’ll be giving our community an insight into what we’ve accomplished and what’s coming up. There is so much happening across partnerships, products and community growth - lets dive in.

But as always for those that are pressed for time, below is the TLDR.


Last Week:

Hosted our first Twitter Space with 20–30 engaged participants and up to 150 total attendees. This was a great introduction to the OVI ecosystem.

• Completed social integration into the OVI platform, allowing sign-in with Google, Twitter, Discord and more. This will enable seamless onboarding of users.

• Partner outreach continues to go well. We engaged with 4 founders across the ecosystem and are finalizing with Polygon and Circle.

• The OVI NFT 3D models have been finalized and trait production is underway. The storyline for the OVI-Saurs launch on Twitter has also kicked off.

• Community Cards product is now live and being rolled out to partners within the OVI ecosystem and broader web3 market. This will allow brands to engage with their community directly and link their digital assets with real world value. • Branding of the OVI MVP is progressing rapidly and videos showcasing the platform will be coming soon.

This Week:

Kicking off the week with OVI Digest recap and the events over the past week

• Continue growing our community through founder AMAs, cross-collaborations, the OVI-Saur’s storyline and releasing product updates. • Organize regular team & advisory board meetings to align on deliverables and remove any constraints identified. • Host the OVI RAWR (Twitter Space) on Wednesday at 9pm EST and OVI Roundtable on Thursday at 9am EST within our discord. • Start applying OVI branding/design to the MVP in a meaningful way. • Plan to join other Twitter Spaces and continue broad outreach to founders.

Now that the summary is over, for all those that prefer the details continue reading below.

Last week:

We hosted our first OVI RAWR Twitter Space to introduce the OVI ecosystem to a broader audience.

It was a huge success with 20–30 engaged participants and up to 150 total attendees throughout the hour-long session. We gave an overview of our core products like the decentralized network, live streaming and hosting platform, profile curation tools, and the social integration, with a brief introduction to the NFT marketplace.

We purposefully kept this first collaborative Twitter Space with the GVO team high-level, sticking to a 30,000-foot view of our products and eco-system. However, in the coming weeks we will be diving deep into each product area and discussing how they all fit together in a cohesive creator ecosystem.

The Twitter Space lead nicely into our OVI Community Roundtable on Thursday. This is held every week in our discord. We had a smaller but engaged group of core community members join the voice chat. It was a great follow up session to answer questions stemming from the Space and recent announcements.

Both the Space and the Roundtable focused on educating our community and attracted valuable new members. We’ll be continuing both sessions weekly on Wednesday and Thursday going forward.

With the 3D NFT models finalized for our OVI-Saurs collection, we officially kicked off the go-to-market strategy this past week! The OVI-Saurs Twitter page is now live with the beginning of an engaging storyline about how these creatures came to be.

For now, the actual NFT artwork is [REDACTED]. The storyline begins to unravel the OVI-Saurs origins leading to the official hatching event.

We are super excited about the unique direction our art and design team has taken. Combined with the 3D models, upcoming interchangeable traits and utility, the OVI-Saurs will offer immense value to holders.

The OVI go-to-market roadmap is also being planned to include regular Twitter updates, partnerships, and collaborations with other NFT projects. This will expand our reach beyond just the crypto space to attract a mainstream audience.

We were busy with Community Cards over the past week, officially launching this product and are now onboarding early partners! For those unfamiliar, Community Cards are NFT-gated communication passes that provide access to benefits like discounts, tickets, merchandise, aswell as direct communication from the brand who’s card it is.

It’s a way for web3 projects to reward their loyal community members and we will be integrating Community Cards deeply within OVI as well. Community Cards really exemplifies our goal of bridging digital assets with real world utility.

From a tech perspective, behind the scenes, our development teams have been hard at work building out the initial OVI product MVP. On the technical side, we recently completed social integrations, allowing seamless onboarding to OVI using Twitter, Google and other existing accounts. This week: Now that the Community Cards product is live, we’ll be ramping up partnerships. Our aim is to have multiple top Web3 brands distributing branded cards to their communities, which will link back to their OVI profiles. This will drive immense value and adoption for the ecosystem.

The OVI branding and visual design has also started to come together. We’re at the point where we can begin applying the look and feel to the actual platform. Expect to see videos and screenshots soon showing off the MVP!

Speaking of design, our partnership with Polygon will allow us to leverage their SDKs and components library. This ensures a consistent and familiar user experience for decentralized apps in Web3 across the OVI Ecosystem.

We’re right at the cusp of having an MVP ready to put in front of the community. Stay tuned for those big reveals.

While our developers and designers build, another focus area has been on expanding our community. We continue to hit our internal goal of engaging 4 different Web3 founders every week and aligning with projects that share synergetic outlooks and future. This week we’ll be continuing that front.

Partnership announcement will be coming soon.

In addition to partnering with other projects, we aim to bring founders directly into our community more regularly. Our regular cadence of Twitter Space’s and Roundtable’s will continue. We are working on hosting AMAs right within our Discord server so our members can engage directly with innovators across the crypto space.

This cross-pollination of communities is vitally important for driving adoption and gaining new perspectives. We’ll be exploring cross-promoting launches, events and campaigns with partners to expand our reach.

If you’ve been keeping up with our journey, we are sure you will agree we have made great strides in product development, growing our network and community. These are exciting times as we begin to go to market with our platform and offerings and look forward to the market reception and growth in all areas.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to push forward!


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