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OVI Digest — Week2

The OVI world keeps moving forward — and we establish a regular cadence, this weekly digest will bring you up to speed with all the happenings with the team and the project.

As always, We’ll provide regular, condensed updates on key OVI developments to efficiently keep you informed.


Last Week:

  • First official week as a team was productive — increased collaboration through team calls and information sharing

  • Progress made on branding, NFT concepts, backend scaling, and social integrations

  • Held first roundtable discussion and joined Twitter Space with Satoshi Island (600+ attendees)

  • Continued partnership outreach with goal of 3–4 new partners per week

  • Great momentum and excitement as team worked together to build out platform and ecosystem

This Week:

  • Kicking off the week with OVI Digest recap and the first Twitter Space event on Wednesday night EST time.

  • Hosting a second community roundtable on Thursday to provide updates

  • Finalizing brand assets and visuals like logo, presentations, ecosystem diagrams

  • Leveraging new brand assets for increased awareness and partner outreach

  • Focusing on finishing NFT designs and initial 3D modelling

  • Planning to share platform wireframes with the community in the coming weeks

  • Building on momentum as the team continues aligning and making progress across branding, design, development, partnerships, and community engagement

And now, for all those that want to delve deeper, below is the detail you need.

Last Week

Last week was an exciting and productive week for our team — it was the first official week with everyone together, which instantly allowed for increased collaboration and alignment.

Great team calls throughout the week took place, essentially to maintain alignment and touch base as needed.

Small things like getting our back-end systems and OneDrive setup optimized for easy information sharing and collaboration across the team. It was great to see everyone work together pushing OVI forward! Open information flow is key for a healthy and productive team.

In eco-system news, Phil Watkins, OVI Founder, announced a partnership with @SuiGame_io by accepting an Advisory role with the team. This will further strengthen the OVI ecosystem with the web3 blockchain gaming space and provide some awesome product synergies and collaboration opportunities moving forward.

Our Creative Director @Jezzajen did an amazing job finalizing branding and worked with Shadow on the NFT concepts. They jumped right in and started creating — the preliminary NFT concepts already look phenomenal! The design team is incredibly passionate and motivated which will lead to even better end products.

There is a full go-to-market strategy for the NFT collection which we are eggstatic to share with you in time.

On the development side, progress was made on backend scalability frameworks and initial social integrations. Branding and scaling continue as we build out the platform and ecosystem to ensure alignment across all aspects.

In addition to this, the first OVI Digest post was published last week — did you catch it?

Thursday marked our first roundtable discussion — this will be a weekly event moving forward. We had 16 people participate in the inaugural discussion and the presentation is available in our Discord channel ‘#OVI-roundtable-presentation’. We will also be working to make this available on YouTube.

The week ended with an invitation from the team behind Satoshi Island to the Satoshi Island Twitter Space on Sunday, July 23rd. The main talking points centered around discussions regarding networking and growth in Web3. Over 600 people tuned into the space. Brilliant exposure for us, our community and the OVI Ecosystem.

For those that are unaware Satoshi Island — is a real-life private island dedicated real life crypto adoption and fractionalized ownership of the island being built by global pioneers.

Staying on the theme of collaborations, regarding partnerships, outreach continues with the goal of onboarding 3–4 partners per week.

Last week was successful and we look forward to announcing partnerships in the coming weeks!

It was a great first official week working together. The team has been communicative, upbeat and fully enjoying what we are building- really can’t ask for more than that! Exciting times ahead.

Our Focus This Week

To start, our week kicks off with the OVI Digest, this is our regular recap of recent updates and learnings, ensuring transparency, accountability and keeping all stakeholders aligned on our progress.

This coming Wednesday, we’ll host our first ever Twitter Space — OVI: RAWR. This will be a partnership with our friends at GVO, who are experienced Community Growth experts. This will be a great opportunity to have a professional ‘Good Vibes’ approach and expand our reach, connecting with new members and communities.

Thursday we’ll host our second community roundtable to dive deeper into key topics and provide more updates. This will help us maintain momentum and engagement leading into the weekend.

On the brand and design front, this week we’ll be finalizing brand assets like logo placements, presentations, ecosystem designs, and diagrams, plus other visual materials. With our brand name locked in-line with our various touch points, this will enable much more cohesive communication and awareness building.

Once finalized, we’ll leverage these new brand assets across mediums like Twitter Spaces to increase exposure. We’ll also continue focused brand outreach to potential partners in a meaningful way.

Regarding NFT design, this week we’ll concentrate on finalizing traits and 3D modeling. There’s still much work to be done to bring the vision to life.

The OVI Decentralized Network (ODN) continues development, with Linux being ready to go. Windows and Mac clients are in the process of being branded and the final jigsaw pieces being placed together. This is unchartered waters for this type of solution as taking it to this level of implementation has not been achieved before. A feat truly unique, worth waiting for and being executed correctly.

We’ve made incredible progress these past two weeks — aligning as a team, building structure, and motivating one another toward our goals. In the weeks ahead, we plan to begin sharing wireframes of the platform to bring the community along in this journey.

These are exciting times as we continue building!


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