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OVI Digest Week 9 and 10

We are back!

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the OVI team. In today’s digest we bring you up to date with the ABGA Hackathon, Token2049, and the progress OVI has been making in relation to these events and more!

Get your energy drinks, pause your games, this one is a big one.

As always for those that are strapped for time, here is the TLDR;

Last week

  • OVI digest paused due to ABGA Hackathon and Token2049 events.

  • Sui Games was a finalist at the ABGA Web3 Gaming Hackathon on 11th September.

  • Sui Games ranked 4th out of 60 teams, despite not having launched products.

  • Top three teams had advanced products with a significant user base.

  • ABGA event in Singapore was a major networking opportunity, connecting with teams from America, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.

  • Phil connected with high-profile individuals, including the founder of Astar who then went on stage with Sandeep Nailwal of Polygon.

  • Phil attended Token2049, met with pre-arranged contacts, and was introduced to venture capitalists.

  • Phil shared real-time updates via Twitter vlogs during his Singapore visit.

  • Potential university collaborations hint at OVI’s significant tournament development.

  • Global team focused on OVI development, with progress on tournament platform, league structure, and core functionalities.

  • OVIsaurs NFT collection is nearing a key milestone with final colorings.

  • Collaboration established with INSIGHT Web3 agency; Phil is now an official affiliate.

  • Successful AMA and security session with Wallet Guard held, with positive community feedback.

  • Discord community members actively streaming games like Rocket League and Fortnite.

  • Strong engagement on Twitter Spaces, with support from GVO.

This week

  • Post-Singapore focus: Reconnect with contacts interested in the OVI ecosystem.

  • Upcoming meeting with the founder of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, which has over 500 members.

  • Release of a new version of OVIsaurs announced.

  • Promotional videos and behind-the-scenes content for OVIsaurs in development.

  • Regular events, including Wednesday’s Twitter space and Thursday’s roundtable, to continue.

  • Plans to arrange a community gaming stream with a Proton gaming professional gamer now that Phil is back.

  • Emphasis on the importance and excitement of building the OVI ecosystem.

Now that the summary is over, let’s dive into the details.

Weeks 9 and 10,

Last week, the OVI digest was not released due to the prominence of the ABGA Hackathon and Token2049 events. On Monday, 11th September, SuiGames presented in the ABGA Web3 Gaming Hackathon as a finalist. Phil represented the team, showcasing the proposition to the judges and approximately 400 attendees.

Out of the 60 teams that participated, SuiGames’ development team took the 4th spot. This achievement is HUGE! Particularly noteworthy considering many teams were eliminated throughout the competition and SuiGames has not yet launched its products or even begun user retention strategies.

The top three teams were more advanced in their product development stages, boasting live products with a substantial user base and detailed user attrition and retention statistics. Given these accomplishments, their victories were well-deserved. Congratulations to the winning teams and all participants for their commendable efforts.

The hackathon served as an excellent platform for networking within the OVI ecosystem. The Singapore event facilitated connections with individuals and teams from regions including America, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.

During the following days in Singapore, Phil attended various side events, panel discussions, and networking sessions.

By Wednesday, Phil shifted his focus to Token2049, another event buzzing with energy and positive vibes. Despite his tight schedule, Phil succeeded in meeting everyone from his pre-arranged list. However, time was limited as he had a flight back to Perth on Thursday.

Token 2049 attracted high-profile individuals from top-tier protocols and ecosystems. Phil managed to connect with the founder of Astar and later saw him share the stage with Sandeep Nailwal, the founder of Polygon as they announced their collaboration and release of Astar zkEVM, powered by Polygon; a significant scaling solution for cross network capabilities.

The networking opportunities were vast, with interactions spanning across major names like Oasys Blockchain for Games, Ethereum, Polkadot, Chainlink, and many, many more.

Token2049, had OKX plastered everywhere as they were the major sponsor. During the event, Phil was introduced to various venture capitalists, including an initial investor in Polygon; RISE LABS.

During Phil’s time in Singapore, he managed to share vlogs updated via Twitter giving everyone a near real-time insight into what was going on.

While OVI is still in its developmental stages, the contacts made during these events will prove invaluable when the project launches.

Phil also attended some afterparties, further expanding his network and meeting more founders. Intriguingly, potential collaborations with a few universities organizations are on the horizon. Although details will remain under wraps for now, this opportunity underscores the significance of the technology OVI is developing and the interest and demand for such a platform.

While events were unfolding in Singapore, the global team remained dedicated to advancing OVI’s development. Blessed with a team of adept members, they possess a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

The progress on OVI has been excellent, encompassing various aspects like the tournament platform, league structure, and core functionalities. The foundational architecture is shaping up impressively, and the front-end wireframes are also advancing rapidly.

Our primary focus is ensuring that the MVP’s underlying functionality remains on track. As we navigate the development process, we continually re-evaluate our vision and goals for the MVP. While we aim to keep things streamlined, it’s imperative for us to launch a product that is both comprehensive and robust.

The development of the OVIsaurs digital collection is also progressing nicely. While we’re currently unable to delve into specifics regarding the traits, (such as the items being held, clothes etc.), the designs and considerations are being meticulously crafted. The collection is shaping up impressively, and we’re on the cusp of reaching a significant milestone: the application of the final colorings.

Under the theme of networking, we’ve forged a collaboration with ‘INSIGHT’, a significant Web3 agency that boasts connections with prominent influencers. Phil’s new status as an official affiliate of this agency promises to be advantageous for OVI, especially as we plan out our go-to-market strategy.

Recently, we’ve had several exciting developments within our community. We successfully conducted our scheduled AMA and security session with Wallet Guard, which was a resounding success. The OVI community turned out in large numbers, and our team shared their presentations on our Discord platform. The feedback from the community was overwhelmingly positive. We recognize the value of such interactions and plan to continue inviting project founders and teams to our Discord for similar sessions.

Additionally, it’s been encouraging to see our Discord community members actively streaming their gameplay. Games like Rocket League and Fortnite, among others, are being played and showcased within our dedicated streaming channels. It’s truly rewarding to see members enjoying their time and creating conversations and experiences within the community.

Our engagement on Twitter Spaces remains strong, with great participation from our community members. We’re collaborating closely with GVO, who have been instrumental in helping us plan and execute our Twitter Spaces sessions. Their engagement and support have been invaluable.

This Week

Following the time in Singapore, this week will focus on reconnecting with the contacts who expressed significant interest in the OVI ecosystem.

This includes a meeting with the founder of the Blockchain Game Alliance. The alliance boasts over 500 gaming members, presenting an incredible opportunity for OVI, as these teams represent our direct target customer base. We will keep our community posted as this develops.

In addition, we’re excited to announce the release of another version of OVIsaurs. To complement this, promotional videos and behind-the-scenes imagery detailing the creation of the OVIsaurs are in the works. Our aim is to offer the community a deeper insight into our journey, enhancing their connection to our brand and broadening awareness of our progress and milestones.

The regular scheduled events will be taking place such as Wednesday’s Twitter space and Thursday’s roundtable.

Now that Phil is back, we are hoping to arrange a community gaming stream with a professional gamer from Proton gaming.

With so much going on, it really is an exciting time to be building out an ecosystem that has significant global demand.


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