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We cannot believe we are only in Week 8!

Last week was huge within the OVI ecosystem as we continue to push forward on all fronts. Here’s the TLDR;

Last Week

· Weekly digest released and well-received

· Wallet Guard presentation postponed but rescheduled for Tuesday

· Great Twitter Space discussing NFTs, gaming, and OVI’s positioning

· New OVISAUR edition dropped with amazing Japan-inspired design

· Development progressing smoothly on OVISAURS and tournament platform

· Increased Discord activity with more community streaming

· Influential new members joining from eSports scene

· Continued growth across website traffic, social channels, and Discord

This Week

· Monday Digest

· Weekly security presentation from Wallet Guard on Tuesday 5th September at 9am EST in Discord

· Community gaming tournament for Call of Duty coming up soon in Discord

· Continued development on wallet integration and ecosystem architecture including designs and wireframes

· Community cards rolling out this week

· Phil on behalf of Sui Games presenting in Korea and Singapore hackathon finals on Sept 6 and 11th September.

And as always, for all those that are pressed for time he is the detail:

Last Week

On Monday, we released our weekly digest which saw strong engagement from all of you. Be on the lookout for the next edition coming very soon!

Our scheduled AMA with Wallet Guard on Tuesday unfortunately had to be postponed. Not to worry though, it has been rescheduled for this coming Tuesday, September 5th at 9am EST. We look forward to bringing you that great content.

On Wednesday, we hosted an awesome Twitter Space with fantastic participation from the community. We had engaging discussions around the current state of NFTs and gaming, highlighted some exciting upcoming titles coming out of Gamescom, and talked about OVI’s strategic positioning as a Web3 platform for Web2 games. For those who missed it, don’t worry — we have more Twitter Spaces coming up soon!

On Friday, we released the latest OVISAUR edition which featured an incredible Japan-inspired design and expanded lore. As the egg continues to hatch week after week, we’re thrilled to gradually reveal more of the hidden OVISAUR storyline and artwork with each new edition.

On the development front, the team continues to make tremendous progress on both the OVISAUR collection and the gaming tournament platform. Our artists and designers are hard at work developing the numerous traits and attributes that will make each OVISAUR unique and rare. The back end architecture and components of the tournament platform are also really coming together.

Over on Discord, we’ve seen even more of our community members streaming which is such awesome engagement. We’ve also welcomed some influential new members recently from the professional eSports scene who have been providing valuable feedback from their experiences.

Across the board, whether website traffic, Twitter, Discord, or otherwise — we continue to see fantastic community growth and increasing awareness for OVI. We are so grateful for all of your passion and support!

This Week

Monday always kick off with the weekly digest — we cannot believe we are only in Week 8.

Tuesday we are looking forward to an informative security presentation from Wallet Guard this at 9am EST in our Discord server. Protecting our assets is so important in crypto, so this will be a valuable session.

Our next community gaming tournament and streaming night will take place soon in Discord. The community voted and selected Call of Duty as the game of choice this time — it should be a blast! We are also hoping to have a professional COD player from Proton Gaming join us to host and take part. Watch out for announcements across our channels.

The energy in our Discord is building and it’s fantastic to see. We will keep this momentum going with continued development on the underlying architecture and infrastructure of the entire ecosystem. The wallet integration with Circles’ smart programmable wallets is ongoing, and we will continue maturing the wireframes.

Later this week, we will begin releasing the community cards as another way to engage our members. We are also starting an onboarding program for founding teams.

In a broader exposure perspective Phil, our founder, has confirmation that SuiGames made it to the finals of their hackathon! Su Games aligns perfectly with OVI’s values and goals, so their progress will ultimately benefit our platform too.

On September 6th, Phil will host a pre-finals online presentation for SuiGames at the KBW Web3 Gaming Hackathon in South Korea as part of Korea Blockchain Week. This will garner a big audience ahead of the finals on September 11th in Singapore during Token2049. We are excited about the exposure for both Sui Games and OVI from these events, in addition to the VC meetings being arranged.

Check it out at

As we reflect internally, it’s clear we have a fantastic team in place with the right skills to push forward. Over the next 4–8 weeks, the platform will really come to life alongside the OVISAURS collection as we kick off expanded community growth efforts.

We are super excited!


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