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OVI Digest Week 6

Last week was huge within the OVI ecosystem. Notable points included the launch of the Merch store, Twitter Space with partners, team growth, NFT progress ahead of schedule, and more.

For those of you pressed for time, here is the TLDR:

Last week:

· Merch store went live

· Twitter Space featured roundtable and Proton Gaming

· Strengthened ties with Sui Games and other partners

· Onboarded new full stack developer

· OVISAUR's base models complete, now doing traits

· Growing connections with Esports influencers

· Finalized OVI digital assets and use cases

· LinkedIn presence established

This week:

· Monday Digest

· Partnership meetings (details TBA)

· Community gaming stream based on Twitter poll

· Twitter Space on Wednesday 9pm EST

· Thursday roundtable 9am EST

· Wallet Guard Discord session

· New infographics and digital assets

· Web3 Builders newsletter launch

· Continued development on OVISAUR's

· Engaging Esports/web3 influencers

· Twitter merch giveaway - engage for chances to win!

There's always more beneath the surface - no topic is ever fully exhausted. So if you're curious to unpack this further, by all means, continue scrolling. The journey is often as enlightening as the destination.

Last week:

Last week was an exciting one for the OVI community, full of big milestones and achievements!

On Monday, the OVI merch store went live on our main website.

This launch was announced exclusively during our Wednesday Twitter Space session, allowing a larger audience to hear about it. The Twitter Space also featured a roundtable discussion with the OVI team, which sparked great engagement and an open conversation.

We were joined in the Space by Proton Gaming, who provided insight into the current Esports landscape and how they aim to improve it. This alignment of gaming interests makes them a natural partner for OVI.

Throughout the week, we also connected with several other potential partners, including Satoshi Island. Early partnership discussions are taking shape.

Our founder Phil strengthened ties with Sui Games, now overseeing both their US and European operations. For those unaware, Sui Games is a gaming studio with live games on Binance Smart Chain. They plan to expand to other chains and launch a platform akin to Steam on the Sui Network and in time becoming network agnostic.

This represents a big opportunity for OVI, as we operate in the same web3 gaming ecosystem. The synergies are clear.

Beyond partners, our network itself continues to grow, reaching out to Esports influencers and connections.

Last week saw progress finalizing OVI's digital assets and use cases, showcasing our ecosystem, marketplace and tournament/streaming platform.

Regarding the OVI NFT collection, base models of the OVIsaurs are now complete. The focus shifts to implementing the 450 traits. We're ahead of schedule per our timeline.

Our new full stack developer is on board, settling in and driving the dev team.

We also made headway establishing OVI's LinkedIn presence, a new avenue for ecosystem promotion.

All in all, it was a week of great progress on development, partnerships, ecosystem growth and broader connections.

This week:

We have an exciting week ahead with many activities and updates to share.

To start, our Monday Digest will be available on our website and Medium, summarizing key updates and announcements from last week.

Early in the week, we have a few partnership meetings taking place. We can't share too many details yet, but stay tuned to our social media channels for any public announcements, as those are always made there first.

For a fun community event, we will be hosting a gaming stream in Discord. The game will be chosen based on the results of a Twitter poll on our OVI account this week. Get your votes in! Once we have the results, we plan to bring in a professional gamer to stream the winning game and engage with our community members.

On Wednesday night, we will host a Twitter Space at 9pm EST. This is a great chance to join an audio conversation with our team and community.

On Thursday morning at 9am EST, we will have our weekly roundtable discussion on key topics and initiatives.

We are also working to bring in Wallet Guard for a Discord session on how their technology keeps our community safe and secure. More details on that soon!

Our design team was hard at work last week creating new digital assets and infographics to explain our products and mission. We look forward to sharing those new graphics across our channels this week!

For those interested in web3 and blockchain technology, the first edition of our Web3 Builders newsletter is set to launch this week as well.

Development continues on our OVISAUR Digital Collectable project - the team will share updates on the progress throughout the week.

And we plan to engage some of the top Esports and web3 influencers to spread the word about OVI far and wide.

Finally, don't forget about our merch giveaway happening on Twitter right now! Engage with our account for chances to win OVI swag.

It's going to be a big week! Stay tuned across all of our social channels for updates and announcements. We look forward to connecting with all of you!


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