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It’s been another exciting and productive week for the OVI team and as per every Monday here is the update to the wider OVI Community!

As always, before we dive into the full breakdown here is the TLDR;

· Weekly Digest launched, great engagement so far

· Twitter Space introduced eSports focus, now up to 500 followers

· Website redesigned, fresh modern look

· Twitter Space with Wallet Guard on security

· Founder Phil onboarded OVI into Polygon ecosystem

· OVI previewed Circle’s Programmable Wallet

· OVISaurs egg found in Egypt sands

· All analytics growing — engagement, visitors, etc

· Exciting trajectory and consistency paying off

· Amazing community support driving progress

This week:

· OVI Discord ramping up with gaming livestreams and security learning events

· Community competitions/giveaways coming soon — be active on Discord to participate

· Progress being made on integrating Circle’s wallet SDK into OVI ecosystem

· Regular OVI newsletter launching soon to update community

· Continued work on esports tournament platform and new OVIsaurs NFT art

· Major 2023/2024 events planned like Token49, Apefest, Art Basel, etc to grow awareness

· Overall very bullish and exciting time at OVI with lots happening across partnerships, products, events and internal processes

For those that want more — we have you covered, and the details are below.

Last week

Monday kicked off with the launch of our Weekly Digest, helping keep the community informed on all of OVI’s latest developments. The response has been fantastic so far.

A major highlight was our Twitter Space on Wednesday where we introduced our focus on eSports. The space featured the GVO team and enabled great audience interaction with lots of thoughtful questions. It was amazing to see new Twitter followers joining and engagement numbers rising across the board afterwards — we’re now over 500 Twitter followers!

Our website also received a facelift this week, aligning with our continual drive to improve. The new design looks slick and modern, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

On Thursday we changed things up with a Twitter Space featuring the Wallet Guard team. Around 80 people tuned in to learn about security in the evolving gaming landscape. Our collaboration with Wallet Guard is progressing full steam ahead to help safeguard users. Look out for upcoming Discord demonstrations and educational services on their solutions.

Behind the scenes, our founder Phil continued networking with other project leaders, marking a major milestone by onboarding OVI into the Polygon ecosystem via their business development team. This partnership will strengthen over time thanks to natural synergies.

Phil also received an invitation to preview Circle’s upcoming Programmable Wallet. This wallet launch will make it easier than ever for new users to interact with crypto using fiat currency. OVI is excited to be at the forefront of simplifying web3 for non-native users.

The OVIsaurs story expanded this week, with the egg discovered in Egypt among the Sands of Time. Where will it end up next? Follow the dedicated Twitter account to unlock the clues each week and see this engaging story unfold.

The OVI team is immensely proud of the positive trajectory we find ourselves on thanks to the amazing community’s support. Our consistency is paying dividends, with growth across analytics related to engagement, readership, visitors, and more.

Exciting times lie ahead!

This week:

This week our Discord is ramping up with some awesome gaming livestreams and events. Be sure to stop by for a chance to play and chat with other OVI members. We also have a special session coming up with Wallet Guard to learn about digital asset security and how to keep your coins safe. Knowledge is power, so take advantage of this opportunity to level up your security game! But that’s not all.

Community competitions and giveaways are on the horizon too. You’ll have to join our Discord and be active to participate, so don’t miss out on these fun chances to engage with OVI and maybe win some prizes along the way.

On the partnership front, we have an upcoming meeting with Circle to dive deeper into integrating their smart programmable wallet SDK into the OVI ecosystem. As we continue collaborating with leaders in Web3, it’s exciting to see the tangible progress being made to build out our vision.

A few weeks back we mentioned plans for a regular OVI newsletter, highlighting progress from our collaboration partners and founder network. Outreach for this initiative is going well, and we’re looking to launch it soon to keep our community looped in on the latest developments.

Work will also continue on our esports tournament platform MVP. We’re laser focused on refining the product and ensuring scalability as we move forward. On the NFT front, new OVIsaurs art is progressing very nicely and being continually refined.

Our usual events of Monday Digest release, Twitter Space and roundtable will also be taking place.

But, as we close out 2023 and enter 2024, the OVI team has some major events on the calendar. We’ll be at Token49 in Singapore, Apefest, Art Basel Miami, and NFT Paris among others. These will be prime opportunities to spread awareness of OVI, debut new merch, showcase the OVIsaurs and platform releases whilst continuing to build the community.

With so much happening across partnerships, products, events and more, these are extremely bullish and exciting times for OVI!

While we push forward externally, process improvements are also happening internally to enhance collaboration and communication across the growing OVI ecosystem.

The future is bright, and we’re glad to have you along for the ride! Stay tuned across our channels as we continue providing updates and engaging with our amazing community.

Team OVI


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