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OVI Esports- Week 15 Digest

Another HUGE week behind us and a MASSIVE week ahead of us. Tournaments, collaborations, partnerships, platform development, NFT traits, industry insights are just some of the bits that we are working on.

Before we jump in, here is a quick summary:

Last week:

· Big week of social and community growth thanks to teamwide efforts

· Released 14th weekly digest, recapping previous and upcoming events

· Stats up across the board - readers, followers, Discord members

· Successful Twitter Space co-hosted with Nunu Spirits, announced tournament

· Community Growth Lead ran giveaway contest for engagement

· Published latest GMGames newsletter and held ecosystem update

· New OVIsaurs lore release focused on Australian origins

· Posted biweekly industry thread on Twitter about in-game consumables

· Graphics team refining assets and coloring OVIsaurs skins for NFTs

· Engineering aligning milestones as platform development continues

· Planning underway for upcoming Hong Kong Ape Fest trip

· Writer creating pipeline of articles to extend reach

This week:

· Monday: Weekly digest + OVI esports speaking at Japan Metaverse panel

· Monday: Twitter Space with guest project

· Tuesday: Announcing Nunu Spirits tournament winners + new tournament

· Wednesday: Esports Lets Game session + GMGames newsletter

· Friday: Potential OVIsaurs traits reveal

· Onboarding esports streamers from South America and Indonesia

· Growing Twitter following, funneling new members to Discord

· Planning the trip to Ape Fest - Hong Kong

Now lets dive into the detail:

Last Week

It was a big week for OVI Esports in both social and community growth thanks to the hard work from the entire team. The groundwork we've laid is enabling seamless expansion.

On Monday, we released our 14th weekly digest, recapping last week and previewing the current week's focus on community growth. Across the board our stats are up - readers, followers, and Discord members.

Additionally on Monday we co-hosted a successful Twitter Space with Nunu Spirits, whose casual mobile game aligns with OVI's values. During the Space, we announced an upcoming Nunu Spirits tournament through October 24th. 80 people tuned in and many joined our Discord. Our server is now buzzing as participants compete for high scores. We're finalizing an official collaboration with Nunu Spirits - stay tuned!

Our Community Growth Lead Jana ran a giveaway contest from her account. Entrants had to like, comment, tag, and follow to enter. Engagement is headed in the right direction.

On Wednesday, we published the latest GMGames newsletter covering esports news and trends. We also held our "OVI Esports, Let's Game" ecosystem update. More people tuned in live and engaged afterward. New faces joined our Discord through the event which is fantastic.

Friday saw the latest OVIsaurs lore release focused on OVI's Australian roots. It lets our team have fun while bringing the community along. (above)

We posted our first biweekly industry thread on Twitter about in-game consumables' role in blockchain and gaming.

Did you catch it?

This built off our founder's recent LinkedIn article which drew 40 new subscribers. Our coordinated multi-platform content strategy is working! Expect to see threads alternating between insights into the OVI ecosystem and insights into the industry as a whole.

Our graphics team has been busy too. Jen refined assets after returning from holiday. She's coloring and painting OVIsaurs skins for our NFT collection. The NFT generator is nearly complete so we can start whitelisting soon.

Platform development continues as we near launch. The engineering team is aligning milestones to ensure smooth sailing.

Planning also continues for our upcoming Ape Fest trip in Hong Kong. Plus, writer Joey Sendz is creating a pipeline of articles to extend our reach - expect to see those very soon!

This week

The energy from last week is being carried into this one. Monday starts off with our weekly community digest to catch everyone up on OVI happenings.

OVI Esports has been invited to speak on a panel for Swagger from the Japan Metaverse and GameFi space at 1pm Eastern on Monday. This is the fruit of our outreach efforts paying off and raising awareness - we'll see more of this in the coming weeks.

Later Monday we'll host another Twitter Space, with a special guest project (see our socials for details) at our usual time of 6pm Eastern.

The Nunu Spirits mobile game tournament in our Discord wraps up on the 24th. On Tuesday we'll announce the winners and also welcome the next tournament. Make sure you don’t miss it!

On Wednesday we have our Esports "Let's Game" session for community bonding, as well as a new edition of the newsletter rounding up Esports news and trends.

Friday we plan to release another iteration of OVIsaurs - maybe with some special behind the scenes snippets or first looks at traits. Stay tuned!

As we continue to focus on collaborations and partnerships, we have begun talks with two Esports streamers from South America and Indonesia to stream in our Discord. Both have substantial followings that could bring new faces to OVI.

With Ape Fest just around the corner and the trip to Hong Kong looming, planning will take up some time during the week. Having said that, design and development will continue at pace as we close in finalizing our NFT collection and platform.

More details are coming soon regarding our events. Exciting times ahead – for the most up to date information stay tuned to our Twitter account!

JOIN US: Twitter:

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