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OVI Digest Week 11

We’ve had an incredible week. With Token2049 behind us, our focus shifted back onto the OVI ecosystem. As always, we are excited to share our progress with you.

Let’s dive into the details of what we’ve accomplished.

But before we do here is the TLDR;

Last week

· Development team working to finalize MVP features for Q4 2022 launch, focusing on design, functionality, and visual appeal.

· Realization of a gap in the market and the opportunity to address this gap via a newsletter to provide insights into Esports, gaming, and web3.

· Expanding team with new hires for community building and SEO.

· Joined Blockchain Game Alliance for partnerships and user acquisition opportunities.

· Started “Making of the OVIsaurs” video series to give sneak peeks of product development.

This week:

· Focusing marketing message and ramping up go-to-market strategy with new team members ahead of launch

· Building community engagement through AMAs, competitions, gaming events, discussions, spaces

· Moving weekly roundtable to earlier in week to better engage community

· Planning collaborations with Polygon networks and other communities for growth

· Launching newsletter covering Esports, gaming and web3 gaming news and trends

Now that the summary is out of the way, here’s the detail:

Last Week:

Design and Development

Much of last week’s attention was around the design and development team. The development team has been hard at work finalizing the features of MVP- this is the minimum number of usable features that the OVI Esports platform will launch with. The team has been focusing on the design brief, functions, and utility to ensure that our product is not just functional — but also visually appealing. The wireframes are looking fantastic, and our repositories are all set up.

We’ve been aligning resources and setting timelines that run parallel with our go-to-market strategy. We’re still on track for a Q4 release, with a more specific launch planned for January 2024.

Whilst discussing our go-to-market strategy, we realized there is a gap in the market and an opportunity for us at OVI to provide an insight into the Esports and gaming community.

This is where ‘’ comes in.

A weekly newsletter as your one stop shop into the world of Esports, gaming (web3 and traditional) latest builds, tips tricks and guides.

Watch out for our official announcement.

Team Expansion

We’re thrilled to announce that GVO will be joining us in a community-building capacity. We will also be onboarding an SEO/Google expert to ensure we are executing to best practices and ensuring the foundation is in place for unbelievable success.

Strategic Partnerships

One of the most exciting developments last week was our onboarding with the Blockchain Game Alliance, giving us exposure to over 500 teams globally. This alliance will provide us with opportunities for broader partnerships and user acquisition.

Product Showcases

We launched the “Making of the OVIsaurs” series last week. This series will give our community a behind-the-scenes look at what we’re building, from features and traits to digital wearables. Keep tuned for more sneak peeks as we roll out some more video highlighting our journey so far.

Did you catch it?

This Week:

The focus for the coming week is to fine-tune our marketing message, continue to build a strong community, and ramp up collaborations.

Go-to-Market Strategy

As we get closer to our launch date, we’re focusing on aligning our go-to-market resources. This includes finalizing details with our new team members and planning our content, SEO and onboarding strategy.

Community Building

We’re planning to kick off various community engagement activities, such as AMAs, merchandise competitions, gaming nights, and streaming events. We’re also looking forward to our weekly roundtable discussions and Twitter spaces.

The weekly round table is to move to a friendlier time. This will be earlier in the week. With this new show, we can engage with our community at the start, middle and end of the week.


We’re in talks with several communities and teams, including some from the Polygon network, for potential collaborations. These partnerships will be crucial for our community growth and product awareness. Look out for official announcements as we secure each session.

Launch of

This week will see the introduction of — your new go-to weekly newsletter which will cover the latest need-to-know news, trends, tips, guides and more from across the Esports, traditional gaming, and web3 gaming worlds.

We’re at an exciting juncture where all our planning and hard work are about to pay off. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey so far.

We can’t wait to share more updates with you soon. Until then, stay tuned and game on!

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