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OVI Digest — Week 1

With so much happening in the OVI Team and Community, we want to provide digestible updates for our readers. We know your time is valuable, so we’ve summarized recent progress in a TLDR (too long; didn’t read) format.

Whether you’ve been following along closely or are just tuning in, these bite-sized recaps help highlight the key focuses and wins from week to week.

Last week:

  • Assembled a team of experts across tech, crypto, gaming, etc. to drive OVI platform vision.

  • Key roles filled, and aligned on priorities.

  • Dev team building backend, designers working on UI/UX/Digital Assets.

This week:

  • Boosting community engagement and brand awareness on social media.

  • Finalizing details for upcoming Twitter Spaces and roundtables.

  • Announcing NFT collection concept.

  • Locking down schedules, mapping internal systems, forging partnerships.

  • Rallying around ambitious timelines to deliver.

For those hungry for all the details, you can still find our typical in-depth articles below the TLDR. But if you’re strapped for time or looking for a quick refresher, the summarized version has you covered.

The First Week is behind us — and what a week it was:

Assembling the A-Team to build out the OVI Ecosystem, Platform, Collection, and Business

Last week was all about righting the ship and laying the groundwork to make our ambitious vision a reality. It was a week of restructuring, realigning, and assembling an A-team to drive progress.

Our main focus was getting the right talent and partners in place to bring our platform to life. We onboarded prominent experts across technology, gaming, crypto, and content creation to form a world-class core team.

This all-star roster includes directors from global companies, accomplished developers and designers, systems architecture leads, and bleeding-edge participants of Web3.

We also established an advisory board with veterans who have held leadership roles across various industries like finance, accounting, and venture capital and customer success. Their expertise will help guide our strategy.

With our Advisory team in place, we spent time getting everyone aligned on the vision and priorities moving forward.

On the technology front, partners are established and have started to build out the backend infrastructure needed to support our platform. The dev team was re-focused and is now heads down building out core features.

Our highly skilled design team who are busy working on visuals and user experience will be showcasing some of their work very soon.

We also brought on key hires in community management, content creation, and systems architecture. These roles will be critical as we start ramping up engagement and managing the complex moving pieces behind the scenes.

With the team assembled and the vision clear, we’re full steam ahead on bringing this ambitious platform to life. Next up is amplifying awareness and adoption. We’ll be showcasing how all the products tie together into a cohesive experience. There’s still plenty to do, and the momentum is great.

This first week was all about assembling the dream team to drive progress. With the A-team and infrastructure taking shape, the future is looking bright!

Our Focus This Week

This week, we are laser focused on continuing to build meaningful community engagement and drive awareness of OVI.

On Twitter, we’ll be ramping up brand awareness through strategic posts and conversations. Our goal is to clearly communicate our dedication to high standards and cement OVI’s reputation. We’ll also be finalizing our Twitter presence to ensure anyone who joins our community instantly feels our commitment.

In addition to digital engagement, we’ll be announcing details of upcoming Twitter Spaces sessions and community roundtables. We aim to host these interactive events at least weekly at times convenient for both East and West coasts of the US and Europe. While the timing may be late evening for our friends in Asia, we hope you’ll still join!

A major milestone this week is finalizing the concept for our highly anticipated NFT collection. We’ve set ambitious internal targets and can’t wait to share more details with you all soon. Stay tuned for the big announcement!

Other priorities this week include locking down schedules, mapping out internal systems, and continuing to forge partnerships. By being thoughtful in our planning, we’ll ensure the OVI platform launches with the automated features and functionality we’ve envisioned.

We’ve already seen incredible engagement from new community members who are fully aligned with our mission. It’s so motivating to have your support! This week we’ll focus on networking with content creators and others who will help spread our message.

By week’s end, our branding and logos will be finalized and consistently embedded across channels. We’ll also have a detailed platform roadmap and aggressive timelines locked down.

It’s going to be a busy week, but we’re fired up and ready to deliver.

Team OVI


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